Welcome to OnDeck - Expert in Five Minutes. Here is a quick walk through of a few of the core functions and features of the OnDeck mobile application.

Menu Access

OnDeck Not an Admin - Menu

OnDeck Menu Editing

  • Tap   or Swipe right to access the Menu
  • Tap   to expand/collapse all Menu items
  • Long press and drag to rearrange Menu items

Note: The top Menu item will be your home screen at login.

Navigation Tips

OnDeck Not an Admin - Navigation


  • Tap top check box to Select All
  • Tap header check box to Select All in section
  • Tap individual check box to toggle a single selection
  • On tap editing options with appear at the bottom

Expand & Collapse

  • Tap   to collapse/expand all headers
  • Tap a group header to collapse or expand it

Meet Entries

Declare for events

See My Athlete's Meet Entries

  • Tap DECLARE (or EDIT COMMITMENT) by desired meet
  • Tap swimmer's name
  • Tap blue header to expand/collapse events

Commit Athlete to Attend

  • Tap DECLARE (or EDIT COMMITMENT) by desired meet
  • Tap swimmer's name
  • Select Yes, please or No, thanks
  • Tap blue header
  • Enter Notes if desired
  • Select either day(s)/sessions(s) or events to attend
  • Tap OK

Meet Results

View meet results

See All Results in a Meet

  • Tap desired meet
  • Optionally set filters
  • Tap event
  • Tap blue stopwatch to display splits

Best Times and Time Standards

OnDeck Not an Admin - Best Times

Best Times

  • Tap a Swimmer
  • Use   Filter and Sort if needed
  • Tap the Stopwatch to see splits (stopwatch will be blue when splits are available)
  • Tap the time to switch between SCY, SCM, and LCM times (short course yards, short course meters, long course meters)
  • Tap a time to compare to Time Standards

Note: Swimmer best times are also available under the Membership tab > My Account > Tap a Member > Best Times tab.

Time Standards

  • Tap Select Standards
  • Use the drop downs or search to find time standards
  • Tap a standard to add it to your view (the arrow will turn green)
  • Tap Done
  • Tap a Distance, Stroke, and Course Type
  • Select Male or Female times
  • Tap Filter to collapse the stroke picker
  • Tap on a standard to see who made the cut and view swim ups

Note: To remove time standards easily from your list, tap Select Standards > Selected. Your selected standards will save across the application when looking at standards in Best Times or within Member > Best Times.

Job Manager

OnDeck Not an Admin - Job Manager

Sign Up by Event

  • Tap an upcoming Meet
  • Tap Start Time to see jobs listed by time instead of name
  • Tap a job, then a blue header to see open slots
  • Tap Signup to work a job


  • Tap your name to see all jobs you are working
  • Tap blue header to expand

Time a Race

OnDeck Not an Admin - Run Meet

Time your swimmers in races.

  1. Tap Run Meet by your desired meet
  2. Tap an event to assign heats/lanes (H/L) and time the race
  3. Tap the ---/-- in the H/L column to assign athlete to heat and lane
  4. Tap SAVE
  5. Tap ASSIGNED HEATS tab (phone) or scroll down to HEAT headers (tablet)
  6. Select your athlete(s) and tap TIME RACE
  7. Tap MODE to change whether LAP button is on 25 or 50 Meters/Yards
  8. START to start timing
  9. Tap LAP when a swimmer completes a lap
  10. Once all athletes have finished, tap SAVE & DONE
  11. Tap a stopwatch to see the splits
  12. These unofficial results for timed events will show in SwimOffice with a red OnDeck button by them on the Athlete Signup tab

Want a more detailed walkthrough? Start with OnDeck Navigation.