Maximize your effectiveness by learning the common navigation tools and controls used throughout OnDeck.

Side Menu

  1. Tap the “hamburger” menu to open/close the side navigation menu. You may also swipe right and left most any place on the screen to do the same.
    OnDeck navigation menu
  2. Some menu items expand/collapse submenu items (Membership, Events, Cool Tools). Tap to expand the menu, then tap the desired sub-menu. The double arrows at the top expand/collapse all submenus.
  3. The top menu item is what appears by default when launching OnDeck.
  4. Long press and drag any menu item to rearrange where it sits in the menu to suit your preferences. If you want a certain screen to load when you login, drag it to the top.

Search and Filters

Search and filter controls

  1. As you type in a Search field, it will reduce the entries to those matching what you typed.
  2. Selection filter — In this case, tapping CATEGORY opens a dialog where you can select which categories of meets to display.
  3. DATE RANGE — Select a beginning and ending date to display only data inclusively within those dates.
  4. Many lists have blue (and sometimes green) header bars with a subset of data, in this case meet categories. The number to the right indicates the number of items belonging in that header. Tap the header to collapse/expand the list (the second header, Meets, is collapsed). There is usually a double arrow above the list (sometimes on a tab) that will collapse/expand all the headers.

Common Controls

  • When you tap an item in a list, it will open with all its details. There are often arrows at the top. Tapping them will navigate forward and backward through the items in the list from the previous screen.
    Use arrows at top to move through list
  • Tap the in the upper left to exit the item or section, back to the previous screen. Sometimes you will see Cancel to its right, indicating your changes will not be saved when tapped.
  • Field with — Equivalent to a dropdown menu, where tapping it opens a list of options to select from.
  • Pull down on a list, that is, long press and drag your finger down, to refresh the list from SwimOffice and other OnDeck users.
    Pull down list to refresh

Now with the foundation of OnDeck controls in place, let's look at your team's private communication hub—TeamFeed.