Job administrators can check people into their job(s) or indicate no-shows, add new time slots and entirely new jobs, and send emails and/or text messages to one or many volunteers.

Manage Jobs by Events

  • Tap > Job Manager. This takes you to the default view of Events.
    Tap desired meet
  • Tap the desired upcoming meet.
  • To add a new job,
    1. Tap + ADD JOB (tablet) or + (phone).
      Tap + to add job
    2. Fill in the Job Name, such as Timer.
      Enter job description in Notes
    3. Allow members to signup — Defaults to on; toggle off if you don’t want allow this yet.
    4. Display time — Defaults to on; toggle off if you don’t want volunteers to see the start and end times for the job, but only the dates.
    5. Add job description in Notes.
    6. Tap Add New Job Time Period.
      Use Clone to create as many time slots as needed
    7. Select the Start and End Date/Time.
    8. Enter the number of Slots (positions).
    9. Leave Points as 0 if the job is worth the actual number of hours for credit, or enter the number of Points the job is worth if you use points/sessions.
    10. If there is more than one time period for a job, such as a morning and afternoon shift, or day 1 and 2, tap Clone.
    11. Repeat the above four steps for each time period.
    12. Tap Done after entering the last job period.
    13. Tap Save.

The three tabs at the top let you manage jobs by job name, start time, or people. Tap the tab again to reverse the sort order.
Tap tab again to change sort order

  • Job tab — Handy to check specific jobs.
    1. Tap a job name to manage. A green header indicates all slots for that job are filled.
      Tap a job name to manage
    2. Edit — Change details of the job, including time slots.
      Tap checkmark to mark job complete
    3. Delete — Delete the entire job, and remove those signed up for it.
    4. Person icon — Change the Contact info.
    5. Checkmark — Toggle the job as complete/incomplete.
    6. FILL — Pick people to fill the empty slot(s). Tap the + by their name to sign them up, then Save.
      Tap + to fill job slot
    7. Drag and drop the person to another slot using the on the right.
    8. Select one or more people to open the green options menu at the bottom.
      • Change — Replace the person with someone else.
      • Check In — Marks their job as complete and gives them credit in SwimOffice.
      • Message — Send an Email and/or SMS to the selected recipients.
      • Remove — Delete them from the job.
    9. +/- — Increase or decrease the number of slots. Enter the desired number and tap Add or Remove.
  • Start Time tab — Great when you want to walk around at each start time and check people in for all the jobs that start then.
    • Tap a time slot to view all jobs for that time. A green header indicates all jobs for that slot are filled.
      Tap a time slot to view all jobs in that slot
    • Options are the same as by Job name.
  • People tab — Useful when you see a specific person to see what jobs they have and check them in.
    • Tap a name to expand and see their jobs.
      Tap name header to see jobs
    • Person icon — Change the Contact info.
    • Checkmark — Toggle the job as complete/incomplete.

Manage Jobs by People

This is similar to the Find Workers tab in SwimOffice (except it does not show events or jobs in the past), where you can see who is signed up for what jobs at which meets and even assign them to new jobs.

  1. Tap > Job Manager.
  2. Tap People tab.
    Tap name to see jobs
  3. Tap a name to expand and see their jobs, along with how many meets they are working, and number of jobs signed up for and completed.
  4. Tap the person icon to change the Contact info.
    Select meet to Assign more jobs
  5. Tap the checkmark to toggle the job as complete/incomplete.
  6. Select a meet, then tap Assign at the bottom to sign the person up for additional jobs at that meet.
    Tap down arrow to assign to time slot
    1. Tap a job name to expand, then the green down arrow icon by a time slot to assign them to it.
    2. To the right of each slot, the first number indicates how many slots are left to fill, and the second is the total number of slots. So for the first slot above, 1 out of 3 slots still needs to be filled.
  7. Tap Message to send them an Email and/or SMS text.


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