View meet results from any past meet, all in the palm of your hand. Access under   > Events > Meet Results.

Find Meets

  1. DATE RANGE — Default range is 30 days. Tap to change.
  2. COURSE — Defaults to all course types. Tap to narrow down to a specific course—SCY, SCM or LCM.
  3. MY SWIMMER — Tap to toggle showing only events which include your swimmers or all events.
  4. TOUCHPAD — Defaults to TouchPad and non-TouchPad results. Tap to toggle to show only results from TouchPad.
  5. Tap a meet results title to view.


Meet Results by Events

  • Arrows at top navigate among results from different meets.
  • Use filters to narrow down results by GENDER, AGE GROUP, DISTANCE, and STROKE.
  • Tap an event to see results for all swimmers in that event.
    Tap stopwatch to see splits
    • Arrows at top navigate among events.
    • Tap stopwatch to view splits.


Meet Results by Swimmers

  • Number to right of athlete’s name indicates number of times in this meet.
  • Tap an athlete’s name to see all their results for this meet.
    Swimmer's Results
    • Arrows at top navigate among athletes.
    • Tap the down arrow to the right to view details, then stopwatch to view splits.

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