OnDeck’s News enables a team administrator or coach to add a news article while working at a swim meet, add up to five photos and a voice note, then instantly post it to the team’s website.

  • Tap > News. The CURRENT tab of articles will be displayed.
  • Tap CREATE NEWS (tablet) or (phone) to add a new article.
    Click + to add new news article
    1. Show on Homepage — If you have enabled the News section to show on your SwimOffice homepage, this setting determines if this article will show in that section. Default is on.
    2. Fill in the News Title and Date.
    3. Pick a News Expiration date, at which time OnDeck will automatically archive the article so it no longer displays in the list of current articles. Set the date way in the future if you want it permanently displayed.
    4. Optional: Tap the photo box to either take a photo with your device, select one from your photo library, or choose from our stock images. You may add up to five photos.
      Use voice notes when in a hurry
    5. Fill in the News Content. You will have access to formatting controls like bold, bullets, and hyperlinks. Tap Save when finished editing.
    6. Optional: Tap the red microphone to record a voice note.
      1. In the Voice Note Recorder dialog, tap to record, and again (it will now be a pause button) to stop.
      2. Tap to listen to it.
      3. Tap to delete it.
      4. Tap Save.
    7. Tap Save.
  • Select one or more articles to display options in green at the bottom, where you can ARCHIVE or REMOVE the selected articles.
    Select articles to archive or remove
  • Tap SHARE by an article to then select by which method to share it with the team, or print it.
  • View and Edit Articles
    • Tap a news article to view and edit it.
      View News article
    • If there is a voice note recorded, the VOICE NOTE button will appear. Tap to listen to it.
    • Tap SHARE to then select by which method to share it with the team, or print it.
    • Tap EDIT or EDIT NEWS to do that (instructions are the same as when adding an article).
    • Tap ARCHIVE to move the article to the ARCHIVED tab. Note: If you want to move an archived article back to the CURRENT tab, you’ll need to change the News Expiration date to some point in the future. This is easier to accomplish in SwimOffice.
  • ARCHIVED tab
    Archived News articles
    • Controls are basically the same as the CURRENT tab, with the addition of the VIEW BY filter to specify the time frame for archived articles.

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