Sign up for jobs at upcoming meets, see jobs you've signed up for and back out of commitments if needed.

View Jobs by Events

Tap   > Job Manager. This takes you to the default view of | Events.
Tap desired meet to view and signup for jobsTap the desired upcoming meet to see which jobs are available for you to sign up for.

Select Job or Start Time tab

The two tabs at the top let you display jobs based off of Job name or Start Time. Tap the tab again to reverse the sort order.

Job tab — Handy to check specific jobs.

  • Tap a job name to get more information about available time slots and sign up for one.
  • A green header indicates all slots for that job are filled.
  • A checkmark by a job name indicates you've signed up for at least one time slot in that job.

Jobs Listing by job

Start Time tab — Great when you know what times you can help out and not miss your kid's heat.

  • Tap a time slot to view all jobs for that time and signup for them.
  • A green header indicates all jobs for that slot are filled.
  • A checkmark by a job name indicates you've signed up for at least one job in that time slot.

Jobs Listing by start time

Sign Up for Job

Once you have tapped a job name or time slot that you want to signup for, tap the Signup button under the time slot or job name you want.

Tap Signup

This will open the Confirm Signup dialog.

Confirm Signup

  • If you are going to be the one working the job then tap the Me button.
  • If someone else, like a family member, is going to help out, tap the Other button. On the next screen you will prompted to enter in the Name and Contact Info of the person who will be working the job.
  • Tap the Cancel button if you picked the wrong Job or Time Slot.

Delete a Job Signup

If you signed up for the wrong job or need to cancel, you can delete your entry by swiping your name left and then tapping the Delete button.

Tap Delete to unsignup for job

Tap Yes to confirm you want to delete it.

People - Summary of All Your Jobs

Tap the People tab and then your name to show all events with jobs you signed up for.

Tap your name to continue

This will bring up a screen that gives you a summary of how many events and jobs you have signed up for, and how many you've completed.

Jobs Summary

Tap by a job name to change or add contact information.

You are not able to sign up for any new jobs from this area. Go back to the Events tab to do that.

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