Coaching Tools (FKA MainSet) are part of the SwimOffice Pro platform. They are such a sophisticated set of tools that we made a complete set of TU University lessons for them, both for mobile Coaching Tools and web Coaching Tools.

Practice Calendar

Schedule all your workouts for the next week or all season. Learn how to add practices in SwimOffice and add practices in OnDeck.


Build your workouts, then run them. You can write workouts in SwimOffice (much easier), or write workouts in OnDeck in a pinch.

Video Producer

Unlimited storage allows you to capture all the excitement of both practices and meets, then share them with the team and parents. Learn how to use Video Producer in OnDeck.


All your hard work of building workouts and taking attendance pays off with powerful reports in SwimOffice and reports in OnDeck.


Finally, check out the cool tools in OnDeck available to you.