A live communication feed of everything going on with your team! Coaches and team admins can post news, content, pictures and even Practice ScrapBooks to a private team social feed. This feed will be available privately in OnDeck and SwimOffice to swimmers and families or publicly on your team's home page. It's very similar to the news feed in Facebook and other social media apps.Note: This feature is only available to SwimOffice Pro customers. Please talk to your Team Admin if you do not see this menu option to ask if they intend to add it.

OnDeck Instructions

  • Tap > TeamFeed to access.
  • Tap a post to view the content.
  • Tap an item to view, then swipe left and right to view additional items in the post, if any. Tap the X in the upper left to exit.
  • When you tap a Coaching Tools workout, tap the WORKOUTS tab next to view it.
  • Tap a voice note's button to listen to it.
  • Tap a post's pin to save the post to favorites. The big pin in the upper right is a filter to show only pinned posts.
  • Tap the in the upper right to adjust your notification settings, then tap .
  • Tap the on the SCRAPBOOK tab to switch to a one column view. Tap again to switch back to a two column view.


SwimOffice Instructions

These posts are also available on your team's SwimOffice website. The TeamFeed may be in the side menu column, somewhere on the home page, and/or on a separate page.

  • Click VIEW MORE in a post to see all items.
  • Click an item to view, then click the left/right arrows or press the left/right arrow keys to view additional items in the post, if any. Click the X in the upper right to exit.
  • Coaching Tools workouts are not currently viewable. 

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