Are you a New Administrator?

Below you will find help information about using the TeamUnify system for your upcoming season. If you are a new or seasoned user of the system please take the time to review this and share it with your other administrators on the team. This will help you in planning and running the team for this upcoming season. 

Setup Online Registration

  • If you used registratin last year, we recommend you clone last season's registration set up for new registration.
  • Complete Guide to Registration Setup.
  • If the Registration Admin section is not activated on your site under Team Admin please email to learn more about activating it.

Credit Card Processing 

  • If your team is already using: C & H Financial Services will activate your merchant gateway the month prior to the month you opened registration this past season. If you have questions for C & H please contact them at
  • Your team did not use last season: If you would like to learn more about this feature please contact us at

Account/Member Admin Interface 

Learn tips & tricks on using the Account/Member Admin interface.


Setting up Events, Meets, & Jobs 

  • If your league is using our TouchPad meet management software please wait to get an invitation to the meets you are attending prior to setting them up. If you are hosting meets using TouchPad please set them up as early as possible and send out your invitations. (Until you do this the visiting teams will not be able to set up their jobs.)
  • Learn: Creating a meet to start the entry process.
  • Learn: Creating job sign ups.

Learn More About TouchPad



  • Text Messaging:
    • OnDeck Mobile App: Send SMS text.
      • If you do not have OnDeck click here to learn more.
    • Account/Member Admin: Send SMS text.
  • Email Communication:
    • Account/Member Admin: Same as sending a text message but choose “email” instead of “sms/text.”
    • Email Center: Create and send an email.
    • Announcements/News Items: Add a news article.
    • OnDeck Mobile App: Communicate via email, SMS and push notifications.
      • If you do not have OnDeck click here to learn more.
  • Reminder Notifications:
    • Learn: Job signup text/email reminders.
    • Learn: Online registration notifications.

Managing and Editing Website Content

Learn more about Managing your Website Content.


Help Content & Contacting our Support Staff

  • Under the Sign Out tab in the side menu, click Help & Training for a variety of self-help materials.
  • The best way to reach our support staff is to click the red ? on the bottom right of your site when you are logged in.
  • Our support staff is available 7:00am - 6:00pm Central Mon-Fri and 9:00am - 6:00pm Central Sat & Sun.
  • Make sure to de-activate or remove admin privilege levels for an admin who is no longer part of the team.
  • If a new administrator is part of the team please make sure a SuperUser creates an account for them and assigns the proper admin level.