View or Download the MainSet user guide as it will help walk you though the easy setup process.

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Login Information and Seamless Integration

  • Login to MainSet Web by going to and clicking the Login in the upper-right.
  • Use the same username and password for MainSet as your SwimOffice team website.
  • Once logged in, your existing swimmers and roster groups from SwimOffice will be there.
  • You can download the MainSet app from the Apple App Store by searching for MainSet (one word).

Set Up MainSet Web First in 5 minutes - MainSet Web

  • Assign colors to your Roster Groups. This will allow you to easily identify practice days/times for each Group on the calendar.
  • Assign your coaching staff as MainSet administrators.
  • Setup custom Tags. These will be used to set up search filters to find sets and workouts in your library. Default Tags are provided.
  • Watch Video to cover these items and more. 

Create Your Practice Schedule for Each Group on the Calendar - MainSet Web or App

  • Creating a practice schedule is first item to set up in MainSet.
  • Visit the MainSet Web Calendar Quick-Start Guide or go to page 7 in the Quick-Start Guide for steps.
  • Once you create your practice schedule calendar items, you can then assign workouts to a practice.
  • Tip: The Alias in the Calendar Item setup is what appears on the Calendar. If you have a group called Senior Group 2C this full name will not fit in the Alias field, so abbrieviate it to SG2C.

Sprinters and Distance Swimmers in the Same Roster Group - MainSet Web or App

  • Important: Create 2 workouts, 1 for the sprinters and 1 for the distance swimmers if the workout is going to be different for practice. Then you can assign multiple workouts to your practice calendar item for this group.
  • When taking attendance you can assign the proper workout to the proper swimmer.
  • Example: A distance swimmer in the Bronze group would get the distance workout and the sprinter in the Bronze group would get the sprinter workout.
  • Example: You are going different intervals for certain sets for different swimmers within the same group.  Create two workouts and assign both to the same practice calendar item for this practice group.
  • Tip: Make sure your Title for the Workout is descriptive to be able to easily tell which workout is for which swimmer.

Add a Community Workout to Your Library of Workouts - MainSet Web or App

  • Tap on Workout & PracticeWorkout CreationWorkouts, then Community Workout Library.
  • Scroll through the workouts, tap one you like to see the details, and tap Add to My Workouts to keep it.
  • Once it is added you will find the sets in your My Sets section and the workout in the My Workouts section.
  • If you delete the workout the sets will remain. 

Create Sets for Today’s Practice - MainSet Web or App

To clone and modify a set in My Sets

  • Check the box by a Set and tap the Clone icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Modify the Set Name (the more descriptive the better).
  • Tap a Swim to bring up the Edit, Add SwimRest TimeClone, and Remove actions menu.
  • Build your swims for the set. Add a Swim Description and Set Notes for unique items you cannot add.
  • Add Tags (these will help with finding this set or like sets in the future).
  • Tap Save.
To create a New Set in My Sets

  • Tap + Create New Set.
  • Enter a Set Name (the more descriptive the better).
  • Add Tags (these will help with finding this set or like sets in the future).
  • Tap + Add Swims and fill out the information needed.
  • Add a Swim Description and Set Notes for unique items you cannot add.
  • Once all swims are added for the set tap Save.

Quickly Add Sets to Your Workout - MainSet Web or App

  • You need to have your Sets built first in order to do this.
  • Go to My Workouts.
  • Tap + Create New Workout.
  • Tap Browse Sets.
  • Search for something like Warm Up Set by typing in the Search box and tap Search.
  • Tap the check box to the left of the Set name.
  • Remove your Search language and type in new language to find your next set.
  • Tap the check box to the left of the Set Name.
  • Repeat this until you have found all the Sets for this workout.
  • Now tap Add to Workout at the bottom of the screen. All the sets you selected will be added to the workout.
  • From here you can add Workout Notes, long press on a Set to move it around, add a Single Rest or Multi Rests and more.
  • Tap Save when you are done.
  • Now you can go to the Practice calendar tab, find your practice, and add this workout to the practice. Once this is completed you can take attendance and leverage the reporting once attendance is taken.

Build Your Core Warmup, Kick, Pull, Main, Warm Down Sets - MainSet Web or App

  • Recommendation: Get around 20 of your core sets built and then you can leverage the Clone function to build more sets.

Print a Workout - MainSet Web

  • Click the Workouts tab.
  • Find and select your Workout by clicking the check box to the left of the workout name
  • Click the yellow Actions button and choose Preview Workout
  • Click the blue Print Workout button at the top of the screen
  • Tip: You can print the Detailed and/or WhiteBoard views


Create Search Filters - MainSet App or Web

  • You can create custom search filters in the following sections by tapping on the Select Search Filter button:
    • My Workouts, My Sets, Community Workout Library, and Reports.
    • Tip: In Reports create a custom filter for your group and make it the default.


Reports - MainSet App

  • Intensity reports will start to populate after you have assigned a workout to a practice calendar item, taken attendance for the practice, and the practice time is over.
  • Test Set Time reports will start to populate after you have timed a Test Set during a practice with MainSet.  If you run the same Test Set at a certain frequency you will be able to see the swimmers improvements in this report.
  • Page 13 in the quickstart guide covers reports. 

Test Sets & Timing - MainSet App

  • Once you indicate a set to be a Test Set it will appear in blue and if a workout has a Test Set it will appear in blue as well.
  • You can make any set a Test Set if you want to time and track the results.
  • Recommendation: Time your Test Sets with MainSet so you can easily track the data week over week, month over month, year over year. Page 11 in the quickstart guide covers timing a test set. 
  • Tip: If you are Practicing timing a Test Set to see how it works make sure you schedule the Practice Calendar Item for Today.  If the calendar item is in the future the Time Test Set button will not appear.

Video Recording and Sharing - MainSet App or Web

  • Record, Record, Record! You can use MainSet to record video through the Video Producer or you can upload videos recorded from a difference vehicle like Coaches Eye, Hudl, A GoPro, Dartfish, etc using the Import button.
  • Page 14 in the quickstart guide covers video recording. 
  • You can store unlimited videos on MainSet's servers.
  • They can be shared with just coaches, specific swimmers, or your entire team.
  • You can upload/import videos in MainSet web or the app.


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