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Chameleon users: The below steps are for new CMS users. Learn how to switch to new calendar for Chameleon users.

We are deprecating the classic calendar (AKA "old" or legacy calendar) and replacing it with a greatly improved, mobile responsive version. For those using the classic version, all your existing data automatically shows up on the “new” calendar, which we simply now call...the calendar.

We are leaving both the old and new calendars on for now so that everyone has time to migrate to the new one. You’ll need to take several steps to transition from the old to the new.

Activate New Calendar

The new calendar is already available for you to use; you just need to unhide it and make it available to everyone.

  1. In the side menu click Website Design.
  2. Hover over the navigation menu and click the Site Navigation overlay.
  3. In the list of menu tabs, find the Beta_Calendar tab and click its pencil.
    Menu Tabs
  4. Change the Tab Label to Calendar or whatever label you want.
    Edit Tab
  5. Change the Minimum Admin Level dropdown to either Not Logged In (so the general public can see it) or Not an Admin (if you only want logged accounts to be able to see it).
  6. Set Show on site navigation? to YES.
  7. Click Copy Link so you can update any links to the classic calendar to point to the new.
  8. Click Save.
  9. If desired, drag the tab with the to where you want it to appear among the other tabs.

Turn off Classic Calendar

  1. Find the Classic Calendar in the list of tabs (its title may be other than "Group Calendars" on your site).
    Group Calendars tab
  2. Click its to hide it.
  3. Click Save.

Migrate calendar items to new calendar

  1. In the side menu click Events & Competition > General.
  2. Click the red Important Message button.
    General Calendar Migration Options
  3. Select the most applicable option and click Continue.
  4. It will notify you once it migrates your items. Click Done. (The additional help article is this one.)

Update Links

  1. Update home page command buttons — If you use one of the command buttons on the home page for your Calendar page, change it to use the new calendar.
    1. Click the Command Buttons overlay.
    2. Click the command button that links to the classic calendar.
    3. Under On Click Link to, click the page icon.
    4. Click Calendar in the list (or whatever you called it).
    5. Click Save.
  2. Update links on any pages.
    1. In the top navigation menu, click a page that has a link to the classic calendar.
    2. Click the Custom Page overlay.
    3. Click the cursor on the link to the calendar and click the Link icon.
    4. Delete the existing URL and paste the URL you copied in the first set of steps (type Ctrl+V on Windows or Command+V on Mac, or right click in the field and select Paste).
    5. Click OK.
    6. Click Save.
    7. Repeat for any other pages with links to the calendar.

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