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In most of our knowledge base articles you will see instructions for Chameleon users and New CMS users. Here is how to tell which system you are using.


Chameleon is the name of our content management system introduced in 2011. Prior to this there was Classic and then Modern. It has persistent top and side navigation menu tabs. Most content appears in a fixed width area, and screens generally look the same whether logged in or not. When you click some side menu items, they expand to reveal the subtabs.
Chameleon site example


The New CMS (content management system) was introduced in 2018 with far more mobile friendly features than Chameleon, and much more flexibility in the layout of pages. When you log in, it takes you to a backend where you can access most features without needing to access the frontend. When you hover over most side menu items, you will see a flyout menu appear.
New CMS site example

If you are interested in upgrading to the New CMS, please contact your Account Manager, or watch this New CMS webinar for more details.

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