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Account/Member Admin (AMA) has many powerful features to make managing your accounts and members FAR easier. Access it by clicking Team Admin > Account/Member Admin (Chameleon users) or Team Tools > Accounts (New CMS users) in the side menu. Click any of the below links to learn more.

We have several resources to make learning AMA easy. You can view an interactive quick guide by clicking Account/Member Admin Overview in the upper right.
Click Account/Member Admin Overview for walkthrough

You can also download an Account/Member Admin Quick Start Guide or watch the below videos that come straight from the Accounts, Members, and USA Swimming/Swim England Registration tabs respectively (click the red question mark in the upper right to watch them there).

Below are examples of these features. They all work on the Accounts tab, Members tab, and for USA teams the USA Swimming tab, or for UK teams, the Swim England Registration tab.


Easy account/member filters

Quickly filter your results by one or more criteria. For example, suppose you want to display all Active, Suspended and Waiting for Approval accounts with members in the Bronze and Gold Billing Groups.
  1. Click Customize Filters.
  2. Click Account Status on the left.
  3. Click one or more desired statuses on the right, such as Active, Suspended and Waiting for Approval in our example.
  4. Click Billing Group on the left.
  5. Click one or more desired groups on the right, such as Bronze and Gold in our example (note how it shows your selected filters above).
  6. Click Done.
Click Customize Filters

Now you will only see accounts matching that criteria.


Customizable display

Different information is important to different people. Some only want to only see a list of names and phone numbers, while others want to see payment methods and balance owed. AMA allows you to display just the columns you want.
  1. Click Customize Columns.
  2. Click Add by columns on the left you want to display.
  3. Click Remove by the columns on the right you don't want.
  4. Drag and drop the columns on the right to reorder them.
  5. Click Done.
  6. Click any column header to sort the list by that column, and click it again to change from ascending to descending sort order.
Click Customize Columns


Custom Excel reports

Once you have the columns you want displayed, you can export those same columns to Excel.
  1. Check the boxes by the account(s) or member(s) you want to export.
  2. Click Export > Custom Excel Export
    Click Export > Custom Excel Export
  3. Select any additional columns you want to include, and deselect those you don't.
    Custom Excel Export
  4. Click Create Report.
  5. Check your Downloads folder for the generated Excel report.


Save custom views/settings

It would be shame if, after customizing your filters and columns, you had to do it again every time you returned to AMA. Fortunately, you can save your view and reload it at any time.
  1. Click Saved Views.
  2. Give your new view a name in the box on the right.
  3. Click Save View.
  4. If you would like it to be the default view every time you return to AMA, click Make Default by your new view on the left.
  5. Click Done.
Saved Views


Full screen view

Just click the expand button above the names and AMA will fill your display from edge-to-edge. Click collapse to restore the size. The scroll arrows on the right allow you to see columns that won't fit on the screen.
Expand and scroll links


Responsive design

AMA uses responsive design so it automatically resizes to fit any sized display, from smart phones to HD monitors.
AMA on different size screens


Edit multiple accounts with ease

When you need to update information on several accounts, you don't need to edit one, go back to the list, then edit the next. Instead,
  1. Select all the desired accounts or members to edit (check the box by each name).
  2. Click Edit > Edit Account(s) (or Edit Member(s) if on the Members tab).
    Click Edit > Edit Account(s)
  3. Make the desired changes to the profile.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click the dropdown by the name to navigate among the ones you selected.
    Edit Account(s)
  6. Repeat as needed.
  7. Click the red X in the upper right once all edits are complete.


Quick keyboard shortcuts

You'll want to print out and memorize these keyboard shortcuts to make navigating far faster.
  1. On your keyboard type ? ( Shift+/ ) to display a list of all shortcuts
  2. Click the X or press the Esc key to close this window.
    Account/Member Admin keyboard shortcuts


Send text messages

To send SMS/text to verified SMS numbers do the following (your accounts will verify their own number for SMS functionality).
  1. Click Customize Filters > Has Valid SMS > Yes > Done.
    Customize Filters
  2. Select one, many, or all accounts/members in view.
  3. Click Communicate > Send SMS.
    Click Communicate > Send SMS
  4. Enter your message and click Send.
    Send SMS


Undelete Accounts/Members

If you accidentally delete either accounts members you can undelete them.
  1. Click Customize Filters.
  2. You may have to set the Account Status filter to all statuses or specify which ones (suspended, cancelled, active, etc.).
  3. Click Include Deleted Records > Deleted.
    Include Deleted Records
  4. Select the deleted account(s) or member(s).
  5. Click Edit > Undelete.
    Click Edit > Undelete
  6. Click Customize Filters.
  7. Click Include Deleted Records > uncheck Deleted.


Video Tips & Tricks on Account/Member Admin

Member how to and tips & tricks

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