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When taking attendance in OnDeck, you have the option to see an alert icon by athletes whose parents are past due with the money they owe.

Enable option in SwimOffice

  1. Navigate to Billing Setup.
    1. Chameleon: In the side menu click Billing Admin > Billing Setup.
    2. New CMS: In the side menu click Business Tools > Billing Setup.
  2. Scroll down to Attendance Financial Notification section.
    Attendance Financial Notification section
  3. Check the Show notification box.
  4. Select how old of a balance you want coaches to be notified about.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Take regular OnDeck attendance to see past due icon

  1. Click > Attendance.
  2. Tap the NEW ATTENDANCE (2nd) tab.
  3. Tap desired practice group.
  4. Athletes whose parents have a past due balance older than X days (setup above) will show a past due alert icon.
    OnDeck Attendance
  5. Tap alert icon to see how old their past due balance is.
    OnDeck age of billing balance

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