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Compare Member Information is the most important step to take in the new Member Data Validation Service provided by USA Swimming. By comparing the information in your TeamUnify database versus the USA Swimming SWIMS database you have the ability to choose which data is accurate. Taking the time to go through this process is the first step to improving data integrity between the two systems which will be rewarded with many benefits for your club, LSC registrars, meet hosts, and USA Swimming for years to come. We see a day in the near future when you send a meet entry file to a host team and no exceptions are reported when they conduct a meet recon report!

After you use the Compare Member Information function and then submit your registration batch we recommend using this function multiple times a season to ensure the data remains in sync to avoid exception reports at meets. Also, if you registered your athletes by emailing the zip file you can still use this step to compare the data and then make appropriate changes if needed.

When using the function, here are our best practices for handling discrepancies.

Best practice for swimmer(s) not found in the USA Swimming database

  • Member not found in the USA Swimming SWIMS database but you know they have been previously registered.
    • Most common reason:
      • Their First Name, Last Name, and/or ID Number are not a 100% match with their information in TeamUnify. Example: Last Name in TeamUnify is Smith Jr. and in SWIMS it is Smith.
    • Recommendation: Please consult your athlete roster in your USA Swimming Club Portal to determine the proper information that should be in the TeamUnify database.

Best practices for mismatches

  • First Name, Last Name, Preferred Name
    • Most common reason:
      • The upper/lowercase of the letters do not match.
    • Recommendation: Use your best judgment.
    • Note: If, after submitting the registration batch, you do the member compare again and the same mismatch appears you will need to submit a change to the LSC.

  • Middle Name
    • Most common reasons:
      • No Middle Name vs Middle Name
      • Middle Initial vs Middle Name
      • sam vs Sam
    • Recommendation: Accept the USAS information.
    • Reason: This swimmer has been registered before and what the USA Swimming database has is what they were previously registered with.

  • ID Numbers
    • Most common reason:
      • You previously either took the Compare Member Information step and/or submitted a Registration Batch with the ID Number that USA Swimming now has.
    • Recommendation: Verify that the USA Swimming ID number is the proper ID by going to your USA Swimming Club portal. If this is correct, select it and click Accept USAS Version. If results are associated with the old/wrong ID you can use the Merge ID function in the Member Profile to merge the results to the proper ID.
      If the ID number in the TU system is correct and the swimmer is already registered for the current year please submit a change.

  • Address
    • Most common reasons:
      • Drive vs Dr or Street vs St
      • Uppercase letter vs lowercase
      • A “.” at the end of Dr. vs Dr
      • Apt # in the Address 1 Line vs Address 2 Line
      • northridge vs. Northridge
      • 01473-2014 vs 01473
    • Recommendation: Accept the USAS information.
    • Reason: The USA Swimming database uses a software to validate addresses and formats them in a certain way. If you do not accept the USAS information you will always get these mismatches when using the Compare Member Information tool.

  • Phone Numbers
    • Most common reason:
      • Formatting: 888-555-1212 vs 8885551212
    • Recommendation: Leave alone.
    • Reason: In a future release we will update the logic to not look at the formatting and these will not appear as mismatches.

  • US Citizen, FINA, Ethnicity, Disability
    • Most common reasons:
      • This information has not been submitted in the past to USA Swimming.
      • It is a transfer swimmer that was registered with USA Swimming with this information previously but it has not been selected yet in the TU database.
    • Recommendation: Use your best judgment.
    • Note: If, after submitting the registration batch, you do the member compare again and the same mismatch appears you will need to submit a Change to the LSC.

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