Admin Level - Financial Admin Full Access or Fundraising Administrator

Suppose you normally charge accounts for fundraising obligations in January and July, but you just set it up Jan. 10th. This means your accounts will not get charged until July. Here is how to charge them on Feb. 1st.

  1. Go to Fundraising Obligations.    
    • Chameleon users: In the side menu click Billing Admin > Fundraising Admin.        
    • New CMS users:  In the side menu click Business Tools > Fundraising Obligations Admin.
  2. Click the Fundraising System Setup tab.
  3. In Step 2, change the First month of fiscal year to (02) February.
  4. Click Save Changes when finished.
  5. Run the Billing Simulation Report to make sure everyone will get charged what you think they should.
  6. After Feb 1st passes and everyone gets charged, go back into the same Setup, change the First month of fiscal year back to (01) January, and Save Changes.

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