We are extremely excited that we have an exclusive integration with USA Swimming's Deck Pass for all of our USA Swimming affiliated customers. 

The integration brings everything USA Swimming customers love about Deck Pass directly into their TeamUnify site and mobile app.

While the integration is only available via desktop for customers on the new CMS, it will be available to all customers via the mobile app, OnDeck (iOS only at this time).


We are giving you the ability to easily email all of your members directly from your TeamUnify site, letting them know they can access Deck Pass from their accounts via desktop or mobile app.


Features available through Deck Pass are beneficial not only for swimmers and families, but for coaches, officials, and all of your members as well. Check out the benefits of Deck Pass on TeamUnify below:


USA Swimming is committed to growing the sport of swimming, with the help of Deck Pass on TeamUnify, we are continuing that commitment. Swimmers will find many interactive ways to help them improve through Deck Pass:

  • Earning digital patches by achieving a best time or a qualifying standard
    Your Patches - Deck Pass
  • Setting goals and utilizing visualization tools to follow their progress
    Your Goals - Deck Pass
  • Track their best times and meet participation
    Your Meets - Deck Pass

Lastly, swimmers can connect to their friends and follow along with each other's accomplishments, providing a fun, supportive environment.

Learn how to connect your USA Swimming account to Deck Pass on TeamUnify.


Parents are swimmers biggest supporters and cheering squad. Deck Pass on TeamUnify will give parents the visibility and insight to their swimmer's progress, achievements, and more. Your TeamUnify account provides families with a single login and location for their swim team's information, which means parents have access to their swimmer’s Deck Pass account to see their best times, qualifying standards, standings for their team and the patches awarded to them.

Watch this video to learn how to connect your account to Deck Pass on TeamUnify.


USA Swimming provides exclusive content for coach education through Deck Pass that will be made more accessible through the new integration. Coaches also have access to VCC and IMX standings to track their team’s standings. Additionally, if a swimmer is doing particularly well in practice or in a meet, coaches can reward their swimmers with patches to continue encouraging them throughout the season.

Learn how to add Deck Pass content to your website.

Deck Pass coach view


While many of the features within Deck Pass are specific to a swimmer, coach or parent, there are additional benefits that span far beyond those three categories. USA Swimming offers content catered specifically to the swimming community, articles and interviews with swimmers, and an on-demand video library.

All of this is available to your team, and, because of the new integration with TeamUnify, will be visible on your website, giving you more engaging content for members and increasing site traffic to your site.