You must have Financial Admin/Full Access in order to complete this task. 

If payment is posted to an account, but the check bounces or the ACH payment is disputed by the customer, the customer has not paid their balance. Their original "payment" must be reversed in TeamUnify because the customer has not paid.

To Reverse the Payment

  1. Go to "Invoices & Payments".
    •  Chameleon users: From the left navigation menu, click Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments.
    • New CMS users: From the left navigation menu, click Business Tools > Invoices & Payments.
  2. Search for the account.
  3. Click View in the Acct Balance column.
  4. Click New Refund Credit Balance.
  5. Click the Payment Type drop-down and select Refund.
  6. Fill in the “New Refund Amount” (use a negative dollar amount since you will be reducing your monies).
  7. Enter a “reference #” (which could be check # or transaction ID #).
  8. Enter any necessary message or memo.
  9. Click Save New Refund.