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The Payment Summary report can be used for
  • Bank reconciliation report
  • Bank deposit form
  • Quickly tracking payment amounts by type
To generate:
  1. In the side menu click Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments > Payment Sum tab.
  2. Select the Beginning Date and End Date you wish to see the payment detail for.
  3. Optionally select a Location*.
  4. Click the Generate Payment Summary Report button.
  5. Once it's generated you can click Export to EXCEL if desired.
Payment Sum tab

*Note: Locations are tied to members, not accounts. Payments are applied to the entire balance of an account, not specific members and their locations. So if you select a location and an account has members in multiple locations, payments for the entire account will be shown, not just for the members in the selected location. This is rarely an issue since most accounts have all their members in the same location.

Example: The Smith account has two members, one in location A and one in location B. They make a payment for $100, where $50 was for each member. If you search for payments made to location A, it will show Smith with a payment of $100. Search for location B and again Smith will show a payment of $100. That is because the $100 payment was applied to the entire Smith account, not the specific members.

Also, results include payments made to the account, regardless of the current status of the members in the account (active, canceled/hidden, deleted or not deleted, etc.). Example: Account Jones made a payment in March for $75 for a member who has since been deleted. A search for payments in March will show a $75 payment by Jones. This is again because payments are applied to the account, not the members.

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