What is the pricing of your payment processing?
Please contact your sales rep or account manager for pricing questions.

How secure are credit card and ACH transactions and account info?
All your families will enter their bank account or credit card information privately into their own accounts. When entering this information it is done under an HTTPS secured connection and the data is 128-bit encrypted. Not even the family can log back in and see their own information.

See Credit card and ACH Auto Pay security and TeamUnify website and data security for more info.

How can we tell who has auto pay and on demand payments set up?
Within Team Admin > Account/Member Admin (Chameleon) or Team Tools > Accounts (new CMS) the Pay Method - Team Fees column shows what each account's payment method for auto pay is—ACH, Credit Card, Check, or None. There are one or two additional columns you can view.

  1. Click Customize Filters.
  2. Pay Method - Team Fees should be on the right by default.
  3. Click Pay Method - On Demand (and/or Pay Method - Lessons Recurring if your team uses TU Lessons) on the left, then rearrange their order on the right if desired.
  4. Click Done to see payment methods families have set up.
  5. Click one of those column headers to sort and see how many have each payment method.

Pay Method columns in Account/Member Admin

You can also use the Fees paid by and On Demand CC Charge Enabled filters in Billing Admin (Chameleon) or Business Tools (new CMS) > Invoices & Payments to do the same thing.

When and how much does auto pay debit accounts?
For every family that is paying you electronically their total outstanding balance on the 1st of every month* will either be charged to their credit card or the processes to be withdrawn from their bank account will begin with the total outstanding balance.

When will our team receive the money from auto pay in our account?
Within 24 to 48 business hours every family that is paying you via credit card that money will be in your organization’s bank account. Also on the 1st of every month* under the Billing Admin > Reports tab (Chameleon) or Business Tools > Financial Reports tab (new CMS) on the left hand side you will be able to see a breakdown of these transactions and if they were approved or denied. These transactions will be reflected in your website on the 1st of the month* within each family's account.

For every family that is paying you via ACH the process will be initiated on the 1st of every month*. This transaction can take 5-7 business days (sometimes up to 10). You will see another column in the Billing Admin (Chameleon) or Business Tools (new CMS) > Invoices & Payments section labeled CC/ACH Status. Here you can monitor the status of these transactions.

The money will show up in your account prior to SwimOffice indicating the process is complete. Here is a breakdown of the process.

  1. Payment is withdrawn from customer's bank account in 2-3 business days.
  2. Money is deposited in organization's bank account in 3-4 business days.
  3. The gateway is then updated with the status of the transaction (Successful or Failed).
  4. Gateway notifies the TeamUnify system the next business day with the transaction status.

Once that process completes it will be fully reflected in SwimOffice based on the status of the transaction and the families’ accounts.

How do I know which credit cards are about to expire and have expired?
There is an Expiring Credit Cards button in Billing Admin (Chameleon) or Business Tools (new CMS) > Invoices & Payments. Click it to run a report at any time to see if cards have expired in the system. An email will also be sent on the 15th of every month stating whose cards have expired (sent to the address defined in Billing Admin (Chameleon) or Business Tools (new CMS) > Billing Setup > Billing Admin E-Mail Address field) and the family will also get an email asking them to update the information in the system.

When I refund a credit card, how long does it take for the account holder to receive the money?
Account holders will typically receive the refund in 2-3 business days. The processing fee is $0.30 per transaction.

*The exception to auto pay running on the 1st is if the 1st falls on a Sunday. When that is the case, auto pay will be initiated on the 2nd of the month. Invoices are always generated on the 1st.

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