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Note: A per account charge is a charge per family. You cannot select by billing group; this is an all or nothing charge and you cannot opt out an account. If there are accounts that shouldn’t be charged you will need to add a credit invoice against the charge or create a recurring credit to offset this (see links to articles below).

  1. In the side menu click Billing Admin > Billing Setup.
  2. Click Membership Dues Schedule > Additional Per Account Charges tabs.
  3. Click Add New or click name of existing charge to edit.

    Additional Per Account Charges

  4. Enter the Charge Name that will appear on each invoice.
  5. Click Select link to right of Chart of Account field.
  6. In popup window click Select to right of desired Chart of Account name.
  7. Enter Amount to Charge/Discount each Account. Enter a negative amount for discount, such as -12.00.
  8. Select Frequency of this charge (Charge Annually on these months allows you to select specific months instead of all 12 months).
  9. Click Save Changes.
  10. To delete place a checkmark next to the charge and click Delete.

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