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To view all ACH transactions for a month and their progress,
  1. In the side menu click Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments > ACH Status tab.
  2. If desired, set the filters and click Search to narrow down the list of ACH transactions.

    ACH status examples

  3. Failures will appear in red with the reason for the failure (you may need to drag the column headers to see the entire Status column). Not all the reasons are clear and are a by-product of the ACH processing system while other reasons will be perfectly clear. View a list of ACH failure codes.

    ACH transactions

  4. The system will not automatically generate a email to the account if the ACH fails; you are responsible to email the account that ACH processing failed via Email Center or the Email function within the Invoices & Payments Overview tab.
  5. If they fix the problem with their bank, you will need to wait for the system to attempt charging their account again next month, or collect the payment some other way and manually enter the payment so that it doesn't try to charge their account again.
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