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(Note if this is regarding free registration/reduced fee in the Online Registration System click HERE)

Adding a Free Billing Account
  1. Go to Team Admin > Team Profile
  2. Click Setup Billing Groups/Roster Groups/Locations link at the bottom left of this page
  3. Click Add New
  4. Name the new billing group, then select Yes for the Free Membership
  5. Click Save Changes
Assigning a Free Billing Category to a Member Record
  1. Go to Team Admin > Account/Member Admin > Members tab
  2. Search for a specific member
  3. Click on the member name in the search results
  4. Once in the Member/Athlete Profile view, click on the Billing Group drop down and select from one of the Billing Groups with the (Free) next to the billing name
  5. Click Save Change

This member account while in an active category cannot be charged any amount of money going forward for any future billing.

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