SwimOffice Admin - All Users (YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN!) Your calendar agent may take up to 24 hours to sync with your TeamUnify calendar.

Please note you need to have your calendar tab available. If it's not you'll need a webmaster or above admin to make it available in Team Admin > Website Designs > Tabs > Calendar (select to edit)

To subscribe to a TeamUnify calendar using the exported .ICS URL do the following
  1. Calendar tab (naming may vary)
  2. Click Subscribe

  3. Click Select to choose your calendar(s) to subscribe to and click Subscribe NOW!

  4. For each calendar you select a corresponding URL will be created to copy/paste into your calendar agent (Google, Outlook, etc.)

  5. Go to your calendar agent and their help section will tell you how to import a calendar in .ICS format (this is what TeamUnify is exporting). We have included Google and Outlook Help.
         Add a TeamUnify calendar to Google 
         Add a TeamUnify calendar to Outlook (make sure you scroll down to "Add an Internet Calendar Subscription to Outlook")
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