SwimOffice Admin - SuperUser (to create roster groups) / Email,Print,Calendar (To create Calendar item)

Create Roster Groups Click HERE for steps
*For calendar item ONLY you can create a roster group for Calendar only. For instance 'Johnson Pool Open Swim' 

  1. Go to your calendar tab (if you don't see it make sure it's not hidden in website design>Tab>Calendar) 
  2. Click on any of the “Add” links 

     3. Once you select 'add' fill in the following

  1. Title - Add the title and start date.  This will be your CALENDAR DISPLAY! Enter in your start/end times and if this is an all day event. Enter in a deadline date if applicable. 
    NOTE - The times are critical for calendar subscribers as this will display on their calendar agent.
  2. Type of Calendar - The ONLY difference is Workout will put a red workout on the calendar. NOTE # of workouts is legacy and N/A
  3. Targets - Rosters - Either place this on your main calendar or select ONE or MANY Roster groups.  Each roster will create a new calendar in the Pick a Calendar dropdown
  4. Targets - Locations - Select one or many or none.  It will create additional calendars if selected.
  5. Repeating - Make your selections to repeat this calendar.  See above for an example of a weekly workout that repeats every Mon/Wed/Friday. Select an end date if applicable
  6. Except these dates - Place your dates in this field that you want this item removed. Leave the year off if it's every year.  dd/mm/yyyy format
  7. Description - When you hover over the title, this description will appear.

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