Coaching Tools Admin - Head Coach

Coaching Tools lets you import workouts written in Hy-Tek's Workout Manager (part of Team Manager™ Gold).

  1. Export your desired workouts from Workout Manager.
  2. In SwimOffice, in the side menu click Coaching Tools > Workouts.
  3. Click the WORKOUT IMPORTER sub tab.
  4. Click Upload Workouts.
  5. Click Choose File or Browse, then find the .wk3 file and double click it. Or drag the file onto the Upload dialog.
  6. Click Upload. Once the file is uploaded and processed, click the red X to close and you will see all the workouts listed.
  7. Click a workout to view, then click the pencil to edit the name.
  8. Use the typical Customize buttons and Search function to narrow down your list.
  9. You can also click the CUSTOMIZATIONS link to review and edit what Strokes and types are mapped to Coaching Tools equivalents once you import. Make sure to click Save after changing anything, and click the WORKOUTS link to return to the list.
  10. Select one or more workouts, then click the Actions button for the following options:
    1. Workout Preview — See what the workout will look like once imported into MainSet.
    2. Import — Import selected workouts.
    3. Import All — Import ALL workouts listed regardless of selection.
    4. Delete — Delete selected workouts.
    5. Delete All — Delete ALL workouts listed regardless of selection.
  11. Once you are satisfied with some or all of the workouts, select the ones you want to pull into your Coaching Tools Workout Library and click Actions > Import or Import All.
  12. Your selected workouts will now appear in your Coaching Tools Workouts library.