Admin Level - Not an admin

If an admin or user has tried to verify a cell number but has not received the verification code via text message, there several possibilities why.
  • The cell number was mistyped. Double check the number, correct it if needed and resend the code.
  • TeamUnify send texts via email to a cell provider's "email to SMS gateway." It converts emails to SMS text messages. These are sometimes given lower priority than actual texts, so the provider may not have delivered it yet.
  • The cell provider never delivered it, possibly treating it as spam. The user will need to contact their provider to inquire about this and ask to please deliver all messages from where alias is found in My Account > My Tutorials.
  • The number is blocked in our system. Contact Support (click the red question mark in the lower right corner of your SwimOffice site) and let us know who the Account is and the phone number and we'll investigate it.
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