SwimOffice gives users the ability to unsubscribe from some (not all) emails you send them. The main reason is to increase deliverability of all emails you send. When a user receives an undesired email from your team, they tend to mark it as spam to let their email host know to mark all future emails from you as spam. For example, if an aol.com user keeps marking emails from you as spam, it increases the likelihood that AOL will see all emails from you to anyone with an aol.com address as spam and block them all. This feature reduces that possibility.

Note you will still be able to send SMS messages and push notifications to those who have unsubscribed from email.

Emails you send from SwimOffice and OnDeck will have this link in the footer, except it will have your Team Name taken from your Team Profile instead of saying TU University:

When they click the Unsubscribe link, it will take them to a Confirm Opt-Out page.

Once they fill in their address and click Confirm Opt-Out, then click OK to confirm, it lets them know their address will be removed. This happens automatically; there is nothing you need to do.

When users unsubscribe it does not notify any admins, so if that user says they are no longer receiving emails, check the Manage Opt-Outs tab (see below article).

Note that users will still receive the following emails from your site no matter what:
Message contents Part of system
Auto Pay Setup Instructions Billing
Emailed Invoice Billing
Billing Summary Billing
Email Verification Account
Password Reset Account
Donation Receipts TUMoney
Registration Receipts Member/Event/Lessons Registration

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