When you don't know the admin password for your Google Apps account, you can try contacting support@teamunify.com and we will try using the tuadmin account to reset your admin password. Sometimes the owner of the admin account will delete our tuadmin account which eliminates our ability to do that for you. First try contacting the one who knew the admin password. If you cannot contact them or they won't or can't assist you, you will need to deal with Google so they can help you.

  1. The first step is go to your Google Apps login page
  2. Click Can't access your account?
  3. Click reset your administrator password
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA word and click Submit
  5. Hopefully it sent the password to an email address you have access to, but if not (such as it sent it to an email address that ends in teamunify.com), click Reset your administrator password by domain verification
  6. Enter the email address to receive the password info and click Continue with domain verification
  7. Copy and send the bold Google code to support@teamunify.com so we can create a CNAME record in your zone file (it will look something like google42un45ad5f5f5472)
  8. Copy the URL in step 3 of the instructions on the same page and save it somewhere for use later (it will look something like http://google42un45ad5f5f5472.teamdomain.com)
  9. Once we respond that we completed adding the CNAME record, as it says in Google's instructions, "Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for the new record to propagate."
  10. When sufficient time has passed go to that URL you saved in step 8 above to see if it redirects to google.com. Once it does, the domain has been verified and you can click I've completed the steps above, continue and read the directions where they say they're validating the domain ownership and will take up to 48 hours to send the password info to the email you entered in step 6 above
  11. The address you used in step 6 above is now the secondary email address so you can easily receive a password reset email should you be unable to login again

If you would like us to be able to assist you in the future, please let us know the new admin password so we can access the account.

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