My link to a file in an email didn’t work. How do I link to a file in the Email Center?

The first step is make sure the file uses only letters, numbers, and hyphens (besides the “.pdf” extension). If it has spaces or punctuation, rename the file by replacing spaces with hyphens and removing punctuation. For example, rename “John & June’s Recipes.pdf” to “John-and-Junes-Recipes.pdf”. (You can rename a file in Windows by right clicking the file and selecting Rename. On a Mac, Ctrl+Click the file, select Get Info, and change the name in the “Name & Extension” field.)

In an email, you might try using the Attachment option instead of linking it in the message.

Here are the steps in the Email Center to link the file once you’ve properly named it.

  1. Highlight the text you want to link, such as June Newsletter
  2. Click Link button (globe with chain)
  3. If you have not uploaded the file yet,
    • Click Upload > Browse
    • Click properly named file > Open > Send it to the server
  4. If you have already uploaded the file,
    • Click Browse Server
    • Double click desired file
  5. Change Protocol drop down to http://
  6. In URL field, add at the beginning of the URL
  7. Click OK

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