Admin Level - Email/Print/Calendar

Yes, any emails sent to an account’s Primary (Login) Email will be CC’ed to the account’s secondary email addresses. This is true for the following:

  • E-mail Center
  • Account/Member Admin: Email button
  • Invoices & Payments: Email button
  • Events: Email button (Committed Athletes, Undeclared Athletes, Declined Athletes tabs)
  • Job Signup: Email Job Signup Invitation to ALL Active Accounts button (Setup Event Jobs tab), Email (Event Job Done Confirmation tab)
  • News: "Do you want to email this News to ALL the /Active Members/ NOW?" set to Yes

Note that the E-mail Center will not show the secondary addresses it sent email to. Likewise, when using the Email button in Account/Member Admin or Invoices & Payments, it will only show it going to the primary address. Rest assured it will CC the secondary addresses as well.

Also note the following buttons will ONLY email the primary login email address:

  • Account/Member Admin: Email Login, Email Auto Pay Intro
  • Billing Account Configuration: Email Login Instructions
  • Invoices & Payments: Email Inv, Email Billing Summ, Email Auto Pay Intro

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