Below are the conversion factors TeamUnify uses in the Time Conversion dropdown found under all tabs in My Account > My Meet Results (Chameleon) or Events & Competition > Meet Results (New CMS). These are not modifiable. Alternatively, you can use the Swim Time Converter to factor your times.

Conversion for non-USA Swimming teams

Yards to/from SC Meters
The default factor for converting Yards to and from SC Meters is provided as 1.11.

SC Meters to/from LC Meters
Straight conversion factor from SCM to LCM regardless of the stroke provide as .02 or 2%.

Long Distance (LD) Conversion Yards to/from Meters
500 Yards to/from 400 Meters factor = .875
1000 Yards to/from 800 Meters factor = .875
1650 Yards to/from 1500 Meters factor = .997

Conversion for USA Swimming teams

Conversion Formula
Course to convert from
Course to convert to
Short Course Yard (SCY) LCM or SCM hsecs * fFactor +fIncre
Long Course Meter (LCM) SCY or SCM (hsec - fIncre)/fFactor
Short Course Meter (SCM) SCY hsecs/fFactor
Short Course Meter (SCM) LCM hsecs + fIncre
Conversion Cases fFactor
LCM to SCM 1.0
LCM to/from SCY distance 400/800 to/from 500/1000 0.8925
LCM to/from SCY distance 1500 to/from 1650 1.02
All Other Cases 1.11
Conversion Cases fIncre
Stroke is Medley and LCM to/from SCY distance 400 to/from 500 640
Stroke is not Medley and LCM to/from SCY distance > 200 0
SCY to/from SCM 0
LCM to/from SCM Distance fIncre
500/400 640
800/1000 1280
1500/1650 2400
All other cases Distance fIncre
50 incre
100 2*incre
200 4*incre
400 8*incre
Others 0
Stroke incre
Butterfly 70
Back 60
Breast 100
Free 80
Ind. Medley 80
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