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If you want parents and/or coaches to be able select events for athletes in a meet, you must upload what is called an ev3 file to the meet. This typically created by the meet host in Meet Manager and made available on their website. If it's not on their website you will need to contact them to obtain it. If they created the meet using TouchPad then its equivalent is automatically included with the meet.

Once you obtain the file, here are the steps to upload and attach it to the existing meet. (Read Add and create a new Event or Meet if you have yet to do that.)
  1. Go to the Events page.
  2. Click [Edit] next to desired event.
  3. Under Step 3 of the Event Edit Screen, select the last option, Allow On-line Reg; Meet Manager/Meet Events file to allow On-Line meet entry.
  4. Click the next radio button, Import Meet Events file below.
  5. Click Browse... to locate and double click the ev3 or zip file.
  6. Athletes can pick their events by default. If you only want coaches to pick events, change the Allow Athletes to commit by Event? drop down to NO, commit by Day/Session.
  7. Click Save Changes.
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