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If you need to edit your event first understand the options and editing functions.

Q - What is the life cycle of a meet between the meet management software program and TeamUnify?
A - Download this PDF to understand the meet cycle from event creation to times import. LifeCycle of a Meet

Q - Why don't I see a button to attend/decline this event?
A - You must designate in the event creation, step #3 either signup yes/no or last option which will turn this into an online event entry system.

Q. Why don't I see any events and I only see the screenshot below when the kids try and register?
A. The reason is that you have NOT loaded in an event file from the host that is created in a Meet Management program like TeamUnify's TouchPad or Hy-Tek's Meet Manager™ (unlike the above screenshot which has an event file loaded).

Q. How do I see the notes a parent leaves when they commit or decline their athlete to a meet or event?
A. Under the Committed Tab, QuickEntries and Declined tab you just need to hover over the page icon like below in QuickEntries

Q. Why do I only see NT times for my athletes when I know they have times?
A. It's because the host has not set the Use Date correctly; see below screenshot that can found on the Committed Athletes tab.

Q. I want my athletes to sign up by SESSION and not by event but I can't change it (the system will only allow the athlete to signup for sessions they qualify for)
A. Select the same Edit as in the screenshot above to adjust in the edit screen to sign up by session.

Q. We do diving events as well. How do I enter my athletes?
A. TeamUnify cannot handle the diving events in an event file. These are in HyTek's proprietary file format. USA Swimming does not oversee diving and therefor their file format that we import does not handle the information correctly.

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