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You will individually apply GST functionality at the Chart of Account level. Each time you create an invoice you will apply a Chart of Account (CoA). If that CoA is GST enabled it will be calculated into the final cost. All costs are inclusive of GST.

  1. Click Billing Admin > Billing Setup > CoA Setup tab
  2. Click Add New or click a CoA name to edit
  3. Set "GST Included" drop down to Yes

  4. Click Save Changes
  5. All GST CoAs will appear under the "GST Included" column as "Yes"


To generate your GST report

  1. Click Billing Admin > Invoices & Payments > GST Sum tab
  2. Enter your Beginning Date / End Date
  3. Click Generate GST Summary Report


GST is turned on at the system level and if on will globally apply to all CoA. All charges will be inclusive of GST. You CANNOT have some CoAs on and others off.

To turn on,
  1. Click Team Admin > Lesson Admin > System tab
  2. Click Edit in the bottom right
  3. Set "GST Included in All Fees" drop down to YES
  4. Click Save Changes

Lessons Reporting

  1. Click Team Admin > Lesson Admin > GST tab
  2. Enter the transaction date range
  3. Click Report Now!

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