SwimOffice admin level: Webmaster to create event
SwimOffice admin level: Super User to create invoices and use billing system

NOTE: If you are going to use the billing system to bill you need to email support and have them turn it on. To contact support:

  1. Sign in to your site
  2. Go to System > Help & Training Tools
  3. Click Contact Support button

(Tutorial is below or click HERE to launch)

Step 1 - Create Event

  1. Go to Events tab
  2. Click New Event
  3. Enter Event Title, such as "Summer BBQ" for instance
  4. Fill in your dates
  5. Event Category: click Select and click Select next to desired category or click Add New to create a new category (social or team functions etc)
  6. Home Page Tab: leave as Team Function
  7. STEP 3 - Select Allow On-Line Reg; Response with Yes/No
  8. STEP 6 - Enter instructions that say something like, "When you respond with a yes/no select your first athlete and put the additional number of participants that will be attending".
  9. STEP 7 - Enter in same instructions as above. This way the parents are hopefully going to read it. It should look something like this:

  10. This is the view from events page

  11. This is view from selecting Attend/Decline

  12. Once you go to the committed athlete tab you will see this:

  13. Generate the 'Export All Committed' to view the count

  14. Click HERE to find out how to use the Excel spreadsheet as shown above to bill the accounts for this event.

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