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Q: If our team needs to configure or edit any of the parameters below can we?

A: Usually the Meet Manager event file has this enforced. To confirm, go to the Events page, click Edit Commitment under the desired event and confirm the event file parameters are correct on the screen. See screenshot below

If the “Use Date Since” is not for your current season times do the following: Select the edit as above in the screenshot and adjust as below:

Q. How can we adjust the events? (REMEMBER you cannot adjust the distance, stroke, gender unless the host gives you the permission to do so. Changing these parameters will cause an exception on the Meet Management software.)

A. Simply go to the Committed Athletes Tab and select the meet name to access this area

This is the resulting event edit feature. Use the Multi-Edit Events button on the left to edit specific characteristics for instance day/session and edit to the right to edit the event.