Sometimes when you send your accounts their monthly invoice and they click the link to view their invoice, they receive the following message:
You are accessing a restricted area which only a member with proper Security Access Level (SAL) is allowed. Please contact your Team Administrator or TeamUnify, LLC if you need further assistance.

This usually happens to users of Internet Explorer. There are various things that can cause this, but the easiest thing to do when this happens is simply to tell the person to log in to the site as normal, then go to My Account > My Invoice/Payment and they can view their bill there.

If they still want to try other options, here are a a few.

  • Go to another website like Google, clear cookies and temp files, close the browser, and try again
  • If they are using Internet Explorer, make sure they are using version 8 or newer
  • Try using a different browser like Firefox or Chrome

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