Normally when someone heads to your website by typing your team-branded domain, such as, the URL changes to a URL such as: (Chameleon users) (New CMS users)

This is needed for PCI security reasons to protect your team's data, esp. financial. It also eliminates the need for teams to purchase an SSL certificate for their site.

Some teams like to keep their team-branded domain, AKA vanity URL, constantly in the browser address bar no matter where a person navigates causing it to always look like this:

This is called domain masking or domain forwarding and is usually set up at the domain host. It will cause problems because some functions depend on the path name and/or domain and will not work correctly otherwise. Therefore, TeamUnify does not support domain masking. If you are using this please turn it off. This is usually a setting in the domain host.

One other consideration is that when you use domain masking, search engines have a difficult time finding pages this way and you will lose work TeamUnify has done in page header data that Google and Yahoo look for. Your pages will not be crawled well with a vanity URL.

More importantly, visitors to any website do not fixate on the URL; they read the content on each page. They will always know they are on the correct site by seeing your team name at the top of each page.

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