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TeamUnify does not have a feature specifically for donating concessions for a meet. As a workaround, use the job sign up feature by listing each food item as a separate "job." Accounts can then sign up for those food items they will bring.

If you also have regular jobs at the event, consider adding a separate event with job sign ups just for the concessions to reduce clutter. For example, add an event called, "Spring Invite - Concessions Donations."

  1. Go to your Events page.
    1. Chameleon users: Click your Events tab in the top menu, or More... on the home page Events section.
    2. New CMS users: In the side menu click Events & Competition > Team Events.
  2. Click your desired event’s Job Signup button.
  3. Click the Setup Event Jobs tab.
  4. Click Add New.
  5. For the Job Name, enter the name of the food or drink item, such as Bagels.
  6. Check the Do not display time for this job box.
  7. Fill in the other details and click Save Event Job Changes.

  8. Click OK to confirm.
  9. Under Time Periods Setup, click Add New.
  10. For Total Positions Required, enter the number of people whom you need to bring this concession.
  11. You will likely want to check the If checked, use Hours of Credit Override below box and leave Hours of Credit Override as 0.0.
  12. Fill in the other details and click Save Changes.
  13. Click OK to confirm.
  14. Click Done Editing after adding all the time slots needed for that item.
  15. Repeat steps 4-14 for each additional concession item needed.

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