Admin Level - Website Design 

Once you have turned the jobs on for signup you will see this view under the Event Job Signup Tab

  1. Event Job Signup - Once you turn on the jobs in the Setup Event Jobs Tab they will look like above in this tab (if have missed a step)
  2. Change Account - As an admin you can select this, find an account, select the account and you can now sign them up for a job if necessary (perhaps a job like computer operator that is a trained position)
  3. Signup - When an account selects the box to the left of a date/time for a job and selects the Signup bottom it looks like the above
  4. Reports - As an admin you have three admin reports in this view to help with jobs.


  1. Job Signup Button
  2. Find Workers Tab
  3. Set Filters
  4. Select the Account in view to sign them up to a job
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