Admin Level - Webmaster

Add Job Signup button to event

  1. Add or Edit event.
    • Chameleon users
      1. Go to your Events page.
      2. Click New Event, OR
      3. Click the desired event's [Edit] link.
    • New CMS users
      1. In the side menu click Events & Competition > Team Events.
      2. Click + New Calendar Item > Team Events, OR
      3. Click the desired event name.
      4. At the top of the window that opens, click the Edit button.
  2. Under "Team Hosted Event (Job Signup Required)," enter a Job Signup Deadline (till Midnight) date. This will activate the Job Signup button for the event.
  3. Add in a Per Account Signup Limit if applicable.
  4. Fill in any other needed data if needed and Save or Save Changes.

Add or clone jobs

  1. Click the event's Job Signup button.
  2. Click Setup Event Jobs tab.
  3. You can clone jobs from another event if desired.
  4. Click Add New to create a new job, or click an existing job name to edit it.
  5. Fill in the fields.
  6. When adding a new job, set Allow Members to Signup this Job NOW? to No.
  7. Click Save Event Job Changes.
  8. Click OK to confirm.

Add or edit Time Periods (job slots)

  1. Under "Time Period Setup," either click Add New or click a date/time to edit.
  2. Fill in all applicable fields.
  3. If you are adding new Time Periods, click Save and Add Another to continue adding new slots for this job.
  4. When finished adding all Time Periods for this job or editing an exiting Time Periods, click Save Changes.
  5. Click Done Editing.
  6. Select all jobs for meet and click Allow Signup so your accounts can sign up for jobs.
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