Admin Level - Webmaster

To create Jobs, please follow these steps.  You can also Add New jobs to any currently open jobs (see step #10)

  1. Select Edit to the right of your event or when creating your new event
  2. Step #4 add in a date to turn jobs ON
  3. Add in a per account signup limit if applicable

  4. Select Job Signup once you Save Changes for the event

  5. Go to your Setup Event Jobs Tab and select the 'Copy & Append from Other Event' button.
  6. Select Display All or put a name in the search box and select Search to bring up your pretemplated jobs or saved templates from jobs already created
  7. Check mark to the left and Select to propagate

  8. Your jobs will now appear to edit and turn on to the public
  9. Edit Time Periods - Select one or many jobs and edit time period to do a multi update

  10. Add New - Select this if you need to create a new job. Don't forget to add Time Periods as shown below (your accounts have to sign up by time periods)
  11. Edit Jobs - Select the Job Name to Edit the title and/or add a description
  12. Add/Edit Time Periods - Select the Job Name and either select Add New under Time Period Setup or select a time to edit

  13. Fill in all applicable fields - don't forget you create the job title once and add in as many positions for that job as necessary here.

  14. Save Changes
  15. Select all jobs for meet and select Allow Signup to turn on for your members.
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