SwimOffice Admin - Super User or Lessons Admin - Full Access

Payment Manager allows admins to make on-demand charges in a Lessons account.

  1. In the side menu, click Team Admin > Lesson Admin.
  2. Click Acnts/Revenue tab.
  3. Search for the desired Account.
  4. If you need to add an invoice for a charge,
    1. Select the account(s).
    2. Click New Charge/Credit.

      Account selection for new charge

    3. Fill in the fields and click Save Changes.

      Extra Charge/Credit

  5. Click View in the Charge/Credit column for that Account.

    View link for charge

  6. Click [Pay Balance] on next screen.

    Charge/Credit History

  7. Change Payment Type to Credit Card if needed.

    Pay Charge Balance

  8. If you want to add or select a card other than the default card,
    1. Click Add/Select Card.

      Default credit card

    2. To use an existing card, click Use this card by the desired CC.

      CC Profile

    3. Or click Add New Card, fill in the details (click Copy From Account Info to quickly fill in name and address), and click Save.
  9. Click Pay NOW, then click OK to confirm.
  10. You will see a confirmation screen when it finishes processing. When you click the HERE link you will see the balance paid. You may then close the window.
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