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Q: What does this message mean in the billing system?

Warning: Your team’s Billing System is NOT ACTIVE! Invoices will NOT be generated and the other parts of the system may not function properly, such as Service Hours and Fundraising modules. It is recommended to contact to have your Billing System turned on to have your system fully functional.

A: If you are a seasonal team that collects all your fees during registration, most rec teams like yours do not activate billing for that reason. Do not be alarmed by the message that says your billing system is not active; your team will function fine without it. It’s mainly to let year-round teams know that the system won’t generate recurring fees and invoices monthly.

For all other teams that will be using the billing system, although it is ready to have invoices/payments manually applied your system will not apply any dues/per-member-fees/per-account-fees or any recurring invoices from the billing setup until we make your billing system active. So indeed you will need to contact to have us activate your billing system.

Please watch the Billing Overview video tutorial for further information on what the “billing go live” entails.

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