SwimOffice Admin - Super User or Lesson Admin - All levels

To access the admin reporting tools,
  1. In the side navigation click Team Admin > Lesson Admin.
  2. Click Admin Rpts tab.
  3. Select your Report Type.
  4. Enter your Date Range.
  5. Select your desired filters.
  6. Click Search.
Lesson Admin Reports

  1. Report Type — Use the drop down to select your report.
    • New Registration
    • Student Details
    • Class Listings
    • CC on File
  2. Date Range — You must enter in a date range for your report.
  3. Filters — Select any filters to help generate your results, then click Search.
  4. Information Details — Based on your report, date and filter selection your results will be viewable in this area. Use your cursor in between columns to widen.
  5. Excel — Select this to export all information in view.
  6. Email — Select one or many to send a free form email.

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