SwimOffice Admin - Super User

On the public facing TU Lessons registration page, in addition to being mobile friendly, you can edit several components directly by clicking the Edit links. Below we also identify what several of the components are and where to find them.
Lessons registration page

  1. To edit the title page text, in the side menu click Team Admin > Lesson Admin, click the Edit button in the lower right, scroll to the bottom, edit the text in the Title Page tab, and click Save Changes.
  2. Edit the Program title, font, font size, and underline color. To edit the Program description, in the side menu click Team Admin > Lesson Admin, then the Program tab in the lower row of tabs.
  3. Edit Subprogram button title, image, description, and all other Subprogram elements. Note: If the Subprogram does not have a description, the Edit link will not be available. You can edit it instead through Team Admin > Lesson Admin, then the SubProg tab in the lower row of tabs.
  4. Edit all Class details, including image, title, time slots, etc.

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