Maximize your effectiveness by learning the common navigation tools and controls used throughout OnDeck.

Side Menu

  1. Tap the “hamburger” menu to open/close the side navigation menu. You may also swipe right and left most any place on the screen to do the same.
    Drag and drop items to rearrange
  2. Tap the icon by your name to see your admin level.
  3. Some menu items expand/collapse submenu items (Membership, Events, Cool Tools). Tap to expand the menu, then tap the desired sub-menu. The double arrows at the top expand/collapse all submenus.
  4. The top menu item is what appears by default when launching OnDeck.
  5. Long press and drag any menu item to rearrange where it sits in the menu to suit your preferences. If you want a certain screen to load when you login, drag it to the top.

Search and Sort Tools

  1. As you type in a Search field, it will reduce the entries to those matching what you typed.
    Use Search to quickly find
  2. Sort allows you to change the criteria by which a list is sorted. The header bars will change to reflect the sort criteria.
  3. Many lists have blue (and sometimes green) header bars with a subset of data, such as A, B, and C for last names starting with that letter. The number to the right indicates the number of items belonging in that header. Tap the header to collapse/expand the list. There is usually a double arrow above the list (sometimes on a tab) that will collapse/expand all the headers.
  4. DISPLAY — Tap to select which columns of data to display.
    Tap column header to sort
  5. Some lists have column labels with up/down arrows by them. Tap the column once to sort the data by that column in ascending order. Tap again to sort in descending order.


You can build several filters and use them to display only the entries you want. This is especially handy if you want to select an entire subset at once to message, edit, delete, etc. Note that OnDeck will keep filters applied until you turn them off, even after logging out and back in. This allows you to keep your favorite views in place without needing to reselect them every time you return to a certain screen.

Custom Filters

  1. On any page that has one, tap SELECT SEARCH FILTER (tablet) or Filter (phone).
  2. Select an existing filter and tap DONE to apply it.
  3. Tap + ADD NEW FILTER to define a new one.
    1. Enter a Customized Filter Name at the top, such as Gold Roster.
      Select filter categories
    2. Select a Filter category on the left, such as Roster Group.
    3. Select one or more Filters for that category on the right, such as Gold, APPLY.
      Select one or more items
    4. Select additional Filter categories and Filters if desired.
    5. Tap SAVE CHANGES.
    6. You will see your new filter listed and selected in the list. You can EDIT or REMOVE it now or later.
      Select, edit, add or remove filter
    7. Tap DONE.
  4. To edit or delete a filter, select one and then tap either EDIT or REMOVE.
  5. Tap DONE. The Filter icon will turn blue to indicate a filter is in use if you’ve selected one other than the Default.

Other Filters

This screen has an example of three different filters.
Use filters to narrow down list

  1. Date Range — Select a beginning and ending date to display only data inclusively within those dates.
  2. List Selection — These fields have a down arrow, similar to a dropdown menu. Tap and select your option to filter by. In other cases, such as when editing Member fields, these are nothing more than an option selector.
  3. Toggle button — In this instance, tapping the TouchPad button will display only TouchPad meets, and tapping again will display all meets.

Common Controls

  • When there are checkboxes by items, select one or more to open a green menu at the bottom with buttons that will apply to all selected items.
    Select Accounts to multi edit, message or remove
  • When you tap an item in a list, it will open with all its details. There are often arrows at the top. Tapping them will navigate forward and backward through the items in the list from the previous screen.
    Use arrows at top to move through list
  • Tap the in the upper left to exit the item or section, back to the previous screen. Sometimes you will see Cancel to its right, indicating your changes will not be saved when tapped.
  • Field with — Equivalent to a dropdown menu, where tapping it opens a list of options to select from.
  • Tap to add a new item. The will usually be labeled on a tablet where space is available.
    Tap + to add new invoice or payment
  • Pull down on a list, that is, long press and drag your finger down, to refresh the list from SwimOffice and other OnDeck users.
    Pull down list to refresh

Tablet vs. Phone

We have engineered and optimized OnDeck for both smartphones and tablets. You should see a very similar user interface on both device types, but given a tablet’s larger screen size we were able to utilize the space to add some additional features.

  • On many screens we're able to keep the list of items visible. For example, on Accounts/Members or Manage Meet Entries you will continually see the list of names displayed after tapping a name. This makes navigation much faster. Sometimes a large left-facing arrow allows you to hide/unhide the list.
    Manage Meet Entries on tablet
  • Some data can be displayed without needing to swipe/scroll, such as the Bonus and Exhibition buttons in Swimmer Entries.
  • If you rotate the device to landscape, it will increase the number of timers on the Stopwatch and Time Race screens, or the number of columns visible on USA Swimming Registration.
    Time up to five swimmers in landscape mode on tablet

OnDeck is fully usable on a smartphone, but after seeing how beautiful it looks on a tablet, you may be tempted to go buy one!

Now with the foundation of OnDeck controls in place, let's look at your team's communication hub — TeamFeed.