Setting up a registration can be a daunting task. TeamUnify will help you walk through the steps to plan your registration in minutes. From the basics of naming your registration to age group restrictions, we are here to help you set up your most successful registration yet.

Basic Setup

  1. Go to Team Admin > Registration Admin.
  2. If you are creating a brand new registration click Add New.
  3. If you want to edit an existing registration, such as one you just cloned, click the name (not the checkbox) of that existing registration.
    Member Reg Admin tab


  • Registration Title/Short Title — Users will see the Registration Title at the top of the title page while the Short Title appears as an invoice line item in the billing system. If you are editing a registration you just cloned, make sure to remove "CLONE - " from the title.
  • Turn on for Registration — Turns the registration system on and off. Leave this set to NO until you are ready to test it and activate it. To learn more about how to test your registration go to Step 6, test your registration.
    Member Registration titles

Registration dates

  • Date used to calculate Athlete’s Age — Optional. You can use this to age up athletes for registration. For instance, if you set your age up for May 5th it will show how old everyone is as of May 5th regardless of when they register. Leave it blank to show how old they are on the day they register.
  • Open for Returning Members — The date range this registration system is open for members currently in your database, regardless of status such as active or suspended. Some teams open registration to returning members a few weeks before allowing new members to register. Returning families can register new members during this date range, along with their returning members, if the “Allow returning accounts to add new members” setting below is set to YES.
  • Open for New Members — The date range this registration system is open for new members, i.e., those not already in the system.
  • Allow returning accounts to add new members regardless of the setting in ‘Open for New Members’ — Set this to YES and returning families with both new and existing members will be able to register both during the Open for Returning Members dates regardless of the Open for New Members dates. Set it to NO and returning families who want to register new member will have to wait for the Open for New Members date range if it differs from the Open for Returning Members dates.
  • Hide this field — If you do not want the user to see these dates, set any of these to YES.
    Enter registration dates

Email addresses for communication

  • Email Address and Name used to send receipt emails — The email and name in the “From” address shown on the receipts sent to registrants.
    Registration receipt email address
  • Email Notifications and Admins to Email — Select Instant (emails every time someone registers) or Daily Summary to receive registration notifications or None if you want to manually check registrations. Assuming you want to receive notifications add a comma-separated list of email addresses (i.e.,,
    Email Notifications settings


Many information gathering fields can be toggled on or off to capture extra information including swimsuit sizes, insurance fields, and Parent/Guardian info. These fields can be set to one of three settings: “Show and Required,” “Show but Optional” or “Hide.” This gives you full control over what information you want to capture from your accounts and members. We are going to highlight just a few.

  • Enforce Age Group Defined by Registration Group — If you select YES, you can enforce the age range allowed for registration groups. For instance, if you set the age limit for one group to 11-12 then it will only allow athletes who are that age to register for that group.
  • Maximum registrants— Select one of the below.
    • Global Limit — How many total team members you will allow before the registration closes.
      Registration age group enforcements and max registrants
  • Per Registration Group — How many members will be able to sign up for each registration group. The system will show an error to the user if the maximum is met.
  • Account/Member Custom Field — These only show if defined in Team Profile. They can capture things like “Membership #” or “School.” The fields are also displayed in Account/Member Admin. To learn more about how to set up Custom Fields visit our Knowledge Base on Custom Fields.
    Account/Member custom fields
  • Insurance, Emergency, Parents/Guardians — These fields are attached to the Account.
    Insurance, Emergency, Parents/Guardians setttings
  • Medical Information — This field is attached to the Member.
    Medical Information settings
  • T-shirt and outfit sizes — Useful for team-branded apparel. You will likely want to reset t-shirt sizes for all members before opening registration.
    Apparel enforcements in registration
  • Ask USA Swimming Transfer Question — This is specific to USA Swimming teams and will display a red [T] next to swimmers (in Manage registration) who answer yes.
    USA Swimming Transfer Question

Title Page, Success Page, Waivers/Agreements

The final section of the Basic Setup of Online Registration is the ability to set up a Title and Success page, an Email Promotional page, and up to five Agreements that can be turned on like Medical Release Waivers and Liability Waivers. This is a great area to set up public-facing information to greet, agree and thank your parents for signing up for your team.

Registration Title Page editor

  • Title Page — This is the initial screen users will see when they go to register. It will include the Registration Title defined above. We include default verbiage, but feel free to modify it as you wish.
  • Success — This is the screen users will see when they have successfully completed their registration. Feel free to modify the default verbiage.
  • Agmt 1-5 — These are legally binding waivers you can make Optional or Required. A checkbox appears next to each when the user registers. We record the IP address of the registrant which is legally the equivalent of a signature, and which agreements they clicked. You can view these things by exporting your registrants in Manage registration.
  • Email Promo is a place to save a marketing email message to your users that you can save year after year to promote and recruit members. You will copy this message to be used in Step 6.

Once you have completed all this click Save Changes and move to Fees Setup area of Online Registration.