Whether your organization needs to set up monthly or periodic billing through registration or beyond, this guide will walk you through the entire billing set up process. We want to ensure your billing works exactly as you need while maximizing your cash flow.

The TeamUnify billing features are designed to handle complex scenarios, so if you get stuck, feel free to contact support through the blue Need Help? button.

Things to Consider Before Beginning

TU Payments — Electronic Processing

Adding the ability to pay online is the best way to ensure timely payments and maximum cash flow. TeamUnify offers payments through Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and ACH.

Visa Mastercard Discover ACH

We offer electronic processing exclusively through SE Payments. Please contact info@teamunify.com or your Account Manager for rates and information and we’ll get the approval process started that takes 1-3 business days.

Accrual-based Accounting

SwimOffice uses accrual-based accounting rather than cash-based accounting. This means payments are applied only to an account’s total balance and never specific invoice items.

QuickBooks integration

QuickBooks logoSwimOffice can produce an IIF file each month to import into the QuickBooks desktop version. Please see our QuickBooks Integration Guide for more information; it's vital to ensure that the Chart of Accounts in SwimOffice and QuickBooks match.

What to Collect in Billing vs Registration

If you use Online Registration system, as you set up your billing system you must keep in mind the fees that you are charging there as to not double charge registrants. Take care to not charge the same fees in registration and your billing system.

Lessons Income and Expense Tracking

TULessonsIf you use our TULessons module, all finances billed and collected there are completely separate from those for the team in the Billing System. We will not cover anything to do with TULessons here. A good place to start is our Lessons deployment and Lessons Management tutorials.

SwimOffice is designed to track income for your team and not expenses such as payroll. You will need to use other programs for those type of things.

Billing Meet Fees

We cover that in our generate meet fees article and tutorial rather than these lessons.

Fixed Monthly Cycle

Recurring fees and invoices are generated shortly after midnight on the 1st of each month. For those accounts set up on Auto Pay, credit card charges and ACH drafts are generated right after invoices, except when the 1st falls on a Sunday or a Holiday. For those cases, they will be generated on the 2nd. These dates are non-changeable, however, you can set recurring fees to generate any months you want, such as quarterly.

Going Live

We will cover this again at the end, but once you have everything setup please email billingactivation@teamunify.com that you are ready to “go live” (assuming your billing system is not already active). If you do not do this then the system will not generate invoices nor charge credit cards and ACH accounts on the 1st.


With those concepts covered, let’s move on to our first topic, Groups setup.