Now that you’ve set up your Billing System and assigned all your members to their appropriate Groups, it’s time to check your work to make sure everyone will get charged what you think they will.

Billing Simulation Report

You will do this with the Billing Simulation Report.

  1. In the side menu click Billing Admin > $ Invoices & Payments.
  2. Click Billing Simulation Report. This will generate an Excel spreadsheet. You will need some kind of spreadsheet program to view the file.
    Billing Simulation button
  3. Choose to either open the file with a spreadsheet program or save it and then go open the file where you saved it.
  4. Check the fees for each account to make sure the fees are what you intended.
    1. The Current Invoiced and Current Amt columns show both items already charged this month and fees that will be charged on the 1st.
    2. Recurring fees that will be generated on the 1st will show today’s date in the Posted Date column.
    3. Registration Fees are preceded by the Registration Short Title and are followed by “(Reg).”
    4. Non-recurring fees and credits added by an admin show the admin’s name in the Admin column.
    5. The Balance column shows what each account will be charged on the 1st of next month, as of today. Naturally, that figure will change if additional fees get added to an account between now and then.
  5. If there are unexpected or incorrect charges, go make the necessary adjustments and run the report again.
  6. Contact TU Support (click the red question mark in the lower right corner of your TU site) if you cannot seem to fix any problems.

Go Live!

Once you have everything setup please email that you are ready to “go live” (assuming your billing system is not already active). If you do not do this then the system will not generate invoices nor charge credit cards and ACH accounts on the 1st.

As a final step, if your team is brand new to TeamUnify you will likely want to add existing balances in people’s accounts so that they will see what they currently owe.